Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is the current standard approach for undertaking minimally invasive cancer surgery. Since the introduction of the daVinci robot in early part of this century majority of the Uro-oncological procedures pertaining to bladder, kidney and prostate are carried out using the Robot.

Though it is called as Robotic surgery it is robot assisted traditional laparoscopic surgery. It is based on the master slave technology with the surgeon being the master and robot being the slave. The robot with precision replicates all the movements performed by the surgeon wearing a specialised glove. For prostate cancer, Robotic assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy and nephron sparing surgery or partial nephrectomy for renal cancer is the standard of care.

The advantages of Robot include better access to the pelvis, better 3-D vision, ease of manoeuvrability in the pelvis, superior suturing ability, less blood loss, better ability to preserve neuro-vascular bundles. This leads to better outcomes for the patient in the form of improved urinary continence rates, significantly less pain early post-operative pain leading to quicker recovery and much better patient experience.

daVinci Robotic System